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The lungs are located in the chest on either side of the heart in the rib cage.They are conical in shape with a narrow rounded apex at the top, and a broad concave base that rests on the convex

surface of the diaphragm. The apex of the lung extends into the root of the neck, reaching shortly above the level of the sternal end of the first rib.The lungs stretch from close to the backbone in the The root of the lung is located at the hilum of each lung, just above the middle of the mediastinal surface and behind the cardiac impression of the lung. It is nearer to the back (posterior border) than the front (anterior border). The root of the lung is connected by the

structures that form it to the heart and the trachea.The rib cage is separated from the lung by a two-layered membranous Inside each tree is a well-oiled machine, moving nutrients to all different parts of it. Color in this diagram to see how a tree works and to better understand how many plants transport their "food".

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