Fulham workhorse 6 wiring diagram

LED Retrofit Kits and Engines · LED Drivers Aug 17, 2012 · Fulham WorkHorse Wiring Diagrams and Lamp Compatibility Charts for WorkHorse®, WHAM™ and LongHorse®

electronic fluorescent ballasts. Contact Fulham Client Services. 6. Ballast can not be used with dimmer switch but can be used with. occupancy sensor. (Note: Sensor will shorten lamp life.) UNIVERSAL VOLTAGE 120-277V WORKHORSE BALLAST LAMP COMPATIBILITY CHARTS & WIRING DIAGRAMS: Created Date: Home > Lighting Ballast > Fluorescent Ballasts > Fulham Fluorescent Ballasts > Fulham Ballast Info > Fulham Ballast Wiring Diagram Info Wiring Diagrams for Fulham Workhorse Ballast For more Fulham Fluorescent Electronic Ballast, Click on the links below Author: Ricardolevinsmorales Fulham Wiring Diagrams/Lamp Compatibility Chart Published on Aug 17, 2012 Fulham

WorkHorse Wiring Diagrams and Lamp Compatibility Charts for WorkHorse®, WHAM™ and … Post tagged: fulham ballast wh5-120-l wiring diagram, fulham ballast wiring diagram, fulham emergency ballast wiring diagram, fulham workhorse 6 electronic ballast wiring diagram. WIRING DIAGRAMS WORKHORSE, LONGHORSE, WHAM NATURALLIGHTING.COM 1.888.900.6830. NATURALLIGHTING.COM Sensor y Occupanc with used be can ut b h witc s dimmer with used be not can Ballast 6.) e lif lamp ten shor will Sensor (Note: . wire wer po red used un y an insulate and Cap 7. Fulham_catalogFINAL.indd dc module wiring diagrams one (1) module 5 6 black b white line neutral wall switch driv ermust begrounded blue (-) red (+) black white line neutral wall switch drivermust fulham co., inc reserves the right to make any

variation in design or construction to the equipment described. dc modules, rev d - page 1 Author: Ricardolevinsmorales

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